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New Folk – Tony Denikos – Under the Church

Last week when I was reviewing the Euro-Americana Chart I saw an artist at Number 5 whose name I didn’t recognize (big surprise), the artist was Tony Denikos, the album Under the Church. I’ve heard a couple of the songs over the last week when they come up on random shuffles and have liked them, so yesterday on the way back from a job site, I gave the album a full listen and was impressed by Tony’s music, so much so that I listened again today, and again tonight as I’m writing this article!

Denikos, a native of Maryland, is well known on the Mid-Atlantic regional music scene. Under the Church is his sixth self produced release since 2000. Tony performs both as a solo artist and as Tony Denikos and the Working Poor. The Working Poor include: Gantt Kushner (guitar), Lee Townsend (BGVs, bass), Rick Weisenmiller (drums) and Mark Riddle (BGVs, and guitars) . Tony provides the lead vocals, harmonica and “tastier than Texas BBQ guitar work! You know I wrote earlier that a couple of the songs came up on random shuffles, one that came up the other night was “Bad Boy Blues (Susies’ Song)” on which Tony provides some of that tasty guitar work!

Here’s what one of those European folks say correctly about Tony’s music:

Tony Denikos’ songwriting is filled with emotion and romanticism, moving from social commentary to portraits of American life… A good example of modern Americana and songwriting of noble birth” – Fabio Cerbone Italy

and you know what those European folks know their Americana music!! Yes, they do! Tony makes each song a treat from the humorous “”High in the Low Country” to the touching “Tip of my Tongue” and “Glimmer” and in between he tells us that
he is what he is in: “I Am What I Am”.

So you can check out Tony’s music at the usual places CDBABY, iTunes and Amazon as well as The Wood and Stone Room. As for me I have five other Tony Denikos albums to check out…’s some press for those other albums:

“Tony Denikos writes from the heart,”Time Tells Tales” is an album that is both honest and sincere, it makes for a totally enjoyable listening experience showcasing Tony’s talent for songwriting”. “From funky to reflective, with a knack for catchy melodies and lyrics, This is one the best local releases of the year”!!-WRNR 103.1 FM Radio Annapolis

“The best thing going for Tony Denikos is that he feels. It’s enjoyable to see a singer songwriter who connects with the story tumbling from his lips…Tony is a tunesmith in the very best sense of the word”!! – Washington Post Reviews “Time Tells Tales”

Here’s Tony performing “No Way Home” from Under the Church