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Nightime Laughs – Heywood Banks “Tazer Song and Lewis Black!

Ok so this morning I was checking out the Folk DJ Chart for May and there at No. 65 was “Never Trust A Puppet,” by Heywood Banks. Now I have never heard of Heywood Banks, but with an album title like that it can’t be all bad, so I put it on the iPod. Tonight on the way home from Target the “Tazer Song” came on, and I laughed my way home!! Here is a live radio studio performance of the song!

Now of course when I think of overhearing a line of conversation, I immediately think of Lewis Black and “If it wasn’t for my horse I wouldn’t have spent that year in college!” Check it out here. Well, my night has certainly brightened considerably that is until I try to move again and then everything will ache!! If it wasn’t for my horse?????? what can it mean! LOL!