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Lunchtime Music – Dave Potts – Live at Sundilla

So this morning I had to go to the store and get some food, before my daughter started complaining again about lack of food in the house. So I put the iPod on the new Dave Potts’ album Live at Sundilla.  According to his website, Dave was born and raised out west in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains  and then one day he stumbled across Auburn, Alabama, well I’ll let him tell it:

[audio:|titles=Dave Potts – One Night in the South-2]

Anyway this sums up Dave Potts music pretty well – from his website – Dave is a:

Vivid story-teller, accomplished guitarist, and gripping entertainer with a smooth, flannel voice, Dave Potts is indeed many things. As his t-shirts wryly proclaim, Dave is “Always in style, breathtakingly handsome, He’s good folk.”

I’ll write more about the album, which is great by the way, with some great banter between Dave and his audience and of course some great songs but for now. Here are two songs the first “Christmas Eve” is a great track from the album and the second well that’s just a great Dave Potts song that won the  2004 Just Plain Folks New Folk Song of the Year Award. “A Day to Remember”