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Life’s Soundtrack – J T Coldfire makes a plodding run fun!

So as I was plodding along tonight through the second two miles of my four mile run, I looked around and you know I didn’t see a lot of 60 year old men either  coming up behind me or in front of me, so I guess I’m doing OK! Now I know there are a lot out there that are a lot faster than me, but they’re not here in Riverside so I can feel good about my 10:06 pace over four miles tonight. Especially when I think that this time last year I wasn’t even running because of my knee! Throughout most of the run tonight I was pain free , near the end my butt was starting to hurt and when I started my sprint toward home the pain increased so my wicked sprint slowed to my normal pace!

The soundtrack for the rum tonightwas an album that I’ve been listening to a lot over the last week Coldblooded from J.T. Coldfire . Coldfire is a hard working Texas Bluesman, who calls Austin home, around Austin he’s known to sometimes play 3 shows in one night,  never repeating the same song twice over nine hours of live performing – take that Bruce Springsteen! Coldblooded is a strong collection of nine tracks – well actually eight because unlike his ive performances one song “Lower that Ladder appears twice with the second time being the uncut version. Both ways it’s good, as are all the other tracks. The vocals are raw and real and so is Coldfire’s guitar playing which has been compared to Stevie Ray’s. I really like the harmonica of   Rolando Guajardo! I could rattle off all the tracks but I’ll just say check out his music at his website or Myspace page.

Since the album has only nine tracks I figured it would be over before my run was, and I was correct it clocks in at 34:16 ant about the  time I should have been past the 3.5 mile point, but was instead heading toward it! Anyway I was prepared for that and had loaded his first album Crazy Sun on the iPod so the blues and I rolled on!  The title track on that album is one of his best.

Here’s a live performance of “Crazy Sun”