FreeWheelin' Music Safari

Saturday Running in Virginia and Morning Music from The Avett Brothers!

ok so, as my alarm went off yesterday morning, I lay in bed thinking do I really want to go out and tackle those nothern Viriginia hills? But I knew that if I didn’t I would regret it. So I took off, the first hills were not as bad as I remember but then came the steep ones. I held my own and rested on the descents, There were three or four steep hills. I set out to run for about 40 minutes and run out for 20 and then turned around and came back. There really wasn’t any pain in either leg and at the end of the run I was short of the forty minutes so I made and excursion down a side street so I could make the 40 minutes! The run was easier than last year and the fact that I cold add a little at the end was proof, I kept the pace around 10 minute miles and my heartbeat maxed at a little over 150 and then dropped down. Overall a good run.

The majority of the rest of the day was spent packing up Elizabeth’a room transferring stuff to storage and then loading the car! Luckily it wasn’t too hot! The town is crowded though because it’s graduation week.I can’t wait for August when it’s 20 degrees hotter and I.m carrying things up stairs instead of down!

The soundtrack of the run ws going to be Six Mile Grove, but all I had were ear buds that always fall out!

Friday night we saw The Avett Brothers in concert at George Mason University, It was a good show with lousy sound! I’l write more later. But here’s some morning music from The Avett Brothers!