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Life’s Soundtrack – Running with Possum Jenkins!

So it appears that being busy since my last run last Wednesday was a good thing, imagine that! Anyway,Thursday we went to see the Big Easy Express, Friday I worked at Target, Saturday we went to look at a wedding venue for Andrew’s wedding and last night was work at Target again, and through all that my leg is actually getting better!  So overall, I took off tonight with not much pain in my leg and waited for it to come and really throughout the four mile run the pain was minimal! There is still some slight discomfort both nothing like there had been! I ran a four mile loop at just under a 10 minute per mile pace (note to self you are 60 and coming back from an injury) and right now the leg feels good! The soundtrack for the run was a Roots Rock  band from Boone, North Carolina Possum Jenkins.  The album Carolinacanawas number 32 on the Roots Music Report Roots Rock Chart last week and 36 this week. Their music is a mixture of  country, gospel, Piedmont blues, folk and soul influences native to the Old North State and since their music doesn’t seem to fit into an specific genre they have dubbed it Carolinacana! I just call it damn good music!! The band is composed of   Nathan Turner on guitar,drums and vocals, Brent Buckner on  Harmonica and Jared Church on bass. David Brewer and David Willis both share the vocal,  guitar and drumming duties. Turner, Brewer and Willis alternate lead vocals on the album. At times the vocals remind me of Chris Knight! Anyway there’s lots of good stuff on the album. The first song that caught my attention was   “Know the Way”, which came on at about the two mile mark and thankfully an upbeat track “Mile Past Broke” came on as I made the last turns toward home!! Here’s some press from their website:

 Possum Jenkins serves up a heaping helping of 14 tracks worth of Piedmont blues perfectly seasoned traditional country, gospel and even country rock spiciness. Possum Jenkins shares songwriting and vocal duties, creating a mixture of perspectives and vocal diversity. The result is a richly textured collection of songs that capture the lows and highs of life’s grand parade. Family Reunion Country (Jan 17, 2012) Review of Possum Jenkins’ Album, Carolinacana

So check them out, at thier website, or at their Reverbnation page, and if you like what you hear you can help them become an award winning band! Again from their website:

 Possum Jenkins has been called a lot of things over the years (and not all them were good), but award-winning isn’t one of them. Well, that might all be about to change!! On April 1, Possum Jenkins was nominated in the Best Country Band, Group or Duo for the 2012 Independent Country Music Association Awards. To be honest, we’re not quite sure how this happened. Nevertheless, the response has already been amazing and inspiring. If you haven’t already, we’d love for you to cast your vote for us. Simply click HERE! And tomorrow…you know…if you’re not busy, maybe you could vote again. Just sayin’…

Here’s the track that helped me make it those final yards!! “Mile Past Broke”