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Life’s Soundtrack – a slow run with some seldom heard folk music!

So for the last two weeks the pain in the upper left leg seems to be getting better and then I try to run and well “discretion is the better part of valor” and I decide not to run. Well this afternoon throughout the afternoon my leg seemed really good, so after work I decided to run. Well the pain was there, but it wasn’t really the same and it was bearable so I decided to take it slow and run for 30 minutes or so and I made it, I ran at a 10:40 mile pace but at least I did it! Now while my leg is a little sore it’s really no worse than before the run, so tomorrow should tell a lot!

The soundtrack for the run was a mix of my Folk music category on the iPod and  it included a lot of songs that I had not heard for a long while! Here it is!

Here’s the link to the playlist at MOG

“Too Late” – Kris Delmhort – Songs for a Hurricane – a seldom listened to album, but every time I hear a track I like it!

“Tread Light” – Christopher Williams – The Silence in Between – again I don’t listen to Williams enough but this album is my favorite of his albums.

“Ain’t Leavin’ Your Love” – Peter Case – Bee Line

“Running with the Night” – Robert Earl Keen – Picnic – I haven’t written a lot about REK but he is a favorite! From the first time I heard “The Front Porch Song” on one of the many folk shows hosted by Gene Shay here in Philly I’ve been a fan!

“Devil Stole the Moon” – Michael O’Connor – Devil Stole the Moon – a sideman with  Slaid Cleaves and a great performer on his own.

“In the Shelter of Each Other” – Kim and Reggie Harris – Guide My Feet

“Grey Eyed Sunshine” – Driftwood Fire – How to Untangle a Heartache – after listening to this song I have to to listen to this album again – I don’t think I’ve ever written about it!

“Silver” – Carrie Newcomer – The Gathering of Spirits – one of my favorite Newcomer songs about growing old!

Here’s another favorite Carrie Newcomer song from the album Before and After

“Do No Harm” based on the short story “Savages” by Scott Russell Sanders