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Lunchtime Music – The Deep Blue Organ Trio!

So last night I was looking at the Roots Music Report for some new jazz and the album at number 13 jumped right out at me! The album was Wonderful by the Deep Blue Organ Trio. If you know me I’m a fan of Jimmy Smith, so any group with a lead organ is good by me. When I listened last night, I was impressed.  As  the Wall Street Journal must have been when they listened, because they  made the album their No 1 Jazz album for 2011. The trio based out of Chicago consists of Chris Foreman on Hammond B3 organ, Greg Rockingham, drums and Bobby Broom on guitar. Wonderful is a tibute album to the music of Stevie Wonder and consists of covers of nine Wonder songs. I can’t wait to check out some of their other albums. I know that Wonderful is going on the iPod!

Here’s “Jesus Children of America”