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Lunchtime Music: Ramsay Midwood and the McEuen Sessionsa

So as I was going through the 1940 census last night, looking for relatives in Beverly and my father’s family in Willingboro, I had Ramsay Midwood’s new album “Larry Buys a Lighter” and The McEuen Sessions featuring John and his sons Jonathan and Nathan, on as background music. Somw good stuff that will go on the iPod and be written about shortly!

Oh by the way I found some McCloskey relatives in Beverly, along with my mom and her family. She always talked about living in the poorest sections of Beverly and how the black folks were always the nicest to the family! Well, as I looked over the pages around them in 1940 many of the folks were listed as Negro. As for my Dad’s family, he always said they moved from Delran to Willingbotro in 1939 and sure enough they were living on Salem Road (he used to say they lived, near where th water tower is in Willingboro). My grandfather was listed as a “Farm manager” which is what he did for the Schmeirer Farm!

Here’s a Midwood preformance of “Monster Truck”

and The McEuen Sessions.. “Leader of the Band”