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Late Night Music with Mark Erelli…………

So when we went out tonight for a quick trip to Home Goods, I noticed that “Fingernail” moon and my thoughts immediately went to one of my favorite singer-songwriters Mark Erelli and his song “Compass and Companion” that goes like this: (that’s Kelly Willis helping with the vocals)
“[audio:|titles=Compass & Companion Clip]
 Out here on this road just after midnight
Silver sickle rising in the east
I’m steady on the wheel
But I know just how you feel
So just lean back and try to catch some sleep

Go to sleep my darling
There’s just a fingernail moon up above
Go to sleep my darling
Am I the one you’ll be dreaming of

To think of every backroad we have travelled
Of all the restless miles we have run
Should you chance to find a trace
 Of a smile on my face
I’m just thinking of the miles we’ve still come


Mark hails from Melrose, Maine and according to his bio this evolutionary biologist was:

Discovered at an impromptu 3 am hotel room jam at a music conference when just 23 years old, Mark Erelli finished up a graduate degree in evolutionary biology shortly after his self-titled debut was released in 1999. He has won several prestigious awards, from the Kerrville New Folk contest in 1999 to the 2006 International Song Contest, where a song he co-wrote with Catie Curtis bested 15,000 entries to win the grand prize….

I discovered Mark when I picked up his first self-titled album in the early 2000’s in my favorite used CD store and loved his music from the first listen song “Do It Everyday” The only time I caught a live show was in 2007 in Haddon Heights. I bought the CD Compass and Companion and told him that I was disappointed that he had not played “Do It Everyday”. Here’s the autograph!

and don’t you think I’m not going to hold him to it the next time I see him! Anyway, you can check out all his great stuff, from the first album to his most recent album Little Vigils at his website and be sure to check out the downloads page!

Here’s a video of Mark and Jeffrey performing Robert Earl Keen’s “Sonora’s Death Row” from their album Seven Curses