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More Music from the letter “G” – Gene and Gayla Mills

For the ride home yesterday, I switched genres and went to Folk and Americana and listened first, to Gene and Gayla Mills’s album If Stones Could Talk and then to a little Gurf Morlix. If Stones Could Talkis the first album billed as a duo, but is Gene’s second album. The album has received rave reviews for around the Folk and Americana world and has appeared on the following charts!

#5 album on the Roots Music Folk Chart (Dec 11-Jan 12)< #11 album on the Folk DJ chart (Aug 2011) #9 Song “Talking to a Stone” on the Folk DJ chart (Aug 2011 #18 Artists Gene and Gayla Mills on the Folk DJ chart

Gene and Gayla call Richmond, Virginia home and have a loyal following througout the state. Here’s what some folks are saying about the Mills’ music:

Master Craftsman of American song forms, Gene Mills, along with his wife Gayla, have created another gem of original music with “If Stones Could Talk.” Stories revealed from modern times to past along with his stellar guitar work show why Gene continues to be one of my favorite writers and musicians.” – Steve Smith, Steve Smith and Hard Road “For those that love fables of experience, tragedy, love and endeavour both happy and sad plus the indefinable human essence that comes in spades with Americana, this is an album you must have. If these songs don’t move you, then your soul is made of stone.” Tim Carroll, FolkWords

I enjoy the album a lttle more each time I listen to it! In addition to their website you can check out their music on MOG, or Reverbnation! Here’s Gene and Gyla performing a song from the album Waiting for Rain, which I think I’ll be listening to later this evening!

Hum, still have to write something about Gurf’s album Blaze Foley’s 113th Wet Dream – maybe later.

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