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New to Me Blues Rock: Coen Wolters and Van Wilks

So over the last few weeks I’ve been using MOG and find that the site has a lot of great music almost as much stuff I like as Napster did! I really like the way they post albums for your taste based on what you’ve been listening to and tell you, that you’ll like this because you listened to that. In the last couple of days I’ve found two bands that I really like and had never heard of before. The first one was the Coen Wolters Band. The band hails from the Netherlands and is composed of Coen, Erwin van Gestel, Jeffrey van Duffelen and plays some great Texas type blues rock. I like both Coen’s vocals and his guitar wizardry! There’s a couple of good instrumentals on the album I listened to Broken Glass  which was the bands first non-self released album in 2005 on Cryingtone Records has been followed up by the 2006 release of  As the Crow Flies  which I am now listening to as I write and the first track sounds pretty good! Here’s some quotes about the band:

Young, hot and in a few years one of Europe’s most important Blues guitarists.
-Regional German newspaper on Rother Bluestage gig

 Wolters is a ferocious guitarist, probably more like Chris Duarte than any of his other influences, a most capable vocalist and songwriter
-Tom Branson,


The other band is Van Wilks. Wilks is a Texas based Texas rocker and has been voted the 2008-2009 Best Electric and Acoustic Guitarist in Austin!  Evidently Wilks and his band, also known as Van Wilks, has kept themselves busy over the last thirty years making some great music and have been  declared “a perfect cross between Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen” by the Austin-American Statesman. In those 30 years “Van Wilks has toured nationally and internationally with such acts as ZZ Top (whose Billy Gibbons is one of Van’s biggest supporters) and torn the roof off nightclubs and concert halls from Lubbock, Texas , the Virgin Islands, Moscow, Paris, Madrid, and countless points all over Europe.  touring with acts like ZZ Top.” How I never heard of him is a mystery to me. Additionally, according to his website:

 Wilks has topped music polls by the Austin Sun (Band of the Year), the Austin Chronicle (Best Hard-Rock Band four years in a row) and KLBJ-FM(Best Austin Band). Austin’s Mayor has proclaimed November 6 as “Van Wilks Day” and the Texas Legislature presented him with the Texas flag and a plaque honoring his musical contributions to the State. The French magazine “Guitarist” has placed Van’s records in the editor’s top picks two years running.

Anyway I know better now and I’m sure the album I’ve been listening to Live and Loud from Austin, Texas is going to get a lot more play! Here’s “Boystown” from the album!