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Second Generation Bluesmen – Jimmy D Lane and Bernard Allison

So the other night I was all set to write about two blues albums that I’ve been enjoying over the last week. Both albums are by second generation bluesmen. The first was the 2004 release from Jimmy D Lane It’s Time and Bernard Allison’s Live at the Jazzhaus. The reason that I didn’t write about these albums is the James Rollins took me away with his new Sigma Force novel The Devil Colony! Then last night I started this post late because it’s the traditional time at the Karn house for home repair and I was working on tearing down part of a plaster wall and putting up drywall!  I turned on the Allison album and listened to a little of it on the way to and back from The Home Depot. (Can’t go to Lowe’s after they pulled their ads from All-American Muslim)!

Anyway, back to these second generation bluesmen. Jimmy D. Lane, who I had never heard of is the son of bluesman Jimmy Rogers, who worked with Muddy Walters and Little Walter. The album It’s Time is great I love Lane’s guitar and his gruff vocals! Lane’s bandmates on the album are Steve Ray’s mates Double Trouble!  If you don’t check out anything else check out the 10 minute plus dynamite track “Bleeding Heart”

Now I’ve had a Bernard Allison, the son of Luther Allison, album Across the Water in my collection for a long time and it got a occasional play. It wasn’t until I heard his live work on the album Kentucky Fried Blues that I became a fan! So the other day when I saw a current album title Live at the Jazzhaus I knew I was going to like it and I was right! The album has a ton of great tracks from a variety of Bernard’s albums. This morning I downloaded his 2010 release The Otherside. Several tracks from that album appear on Live at the Jazzhaus

So if you don’t know either artist check them out! I ‘m going to check out some of  Jimmy D. Lane’s earlier albums which are from the 90s. I also am going to check out the Jimmy Rogers All-Stars album which includes guest appearances by the likes of  Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Taj Mahal, Lowell Fulson, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and others.

Here’s some “Bleeding Heart” featuring Jimmy D and Double Trouble with quest Hubert Sumlin!