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New Music – Old Friend – John Batdorf – One Last Wish

So early this morning I was checking emusic for any new albums and sure enough John Batdorf’s latest album One Last Wish was finally there!  I only got to listen one time but overall it sounds really, really good. I know I love the first song “Don’t Give Up On Dreams” You can check out all the good stuff about the album here and other stuff about John at his main webpage

Now John’s music and I go back to his early days with Mark Rodney and the first Batdorf and Rodney album Off the Shelf which I probably bought right around the time it came out in 1971 and it’s still a favorite. Now 1971 was not that far from the “Summer of Love”. Here’s Batdorf and Rodney performing the song “Summer of Love” off their reunion album Still Burnin’

Here’s the final track on John’s new album One Last Wish Like I said I only listened to the album once today I will write more later after a few more listens! Now back to The Devil Colony!