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Life’s Soundtrack – The Lost Pines and Ana Egge

So after I finished reading the upadate to the Bloggess’ post I have no fucking idea what I’m doing (UPDATED: I still have no fucking idea what I’m doing, but I feel much better about it.) I decided to check out one of the other blogs she supports or ratherthe blog that support her wine-sluushie habit. I say other because I always read one of her supports’s blog Tellling Dad, which is very, very funny! Anyway now that I’m back from the Most Annoying YouTube Video Ever. The blog I checked out was Jenny From the Blog presents . . . . The Suburban Jungle Our Babysitter May be in a Cult, but at Least She’s Available Saturday Night and who would have known that for over a year a few years back I’ve was a Pescatarian! So early today I was looking over the Euro-Americana Chart and saw two names that looked interesting at number 18  The Lost Pines and their album Sweet Honey   and at number 9 Ana Egge and her latest Bad Blood. So I gave them both the 30 second test, I found both of them interesting and put them on the iPod for a trip to Target.

It only took the first track “Singing Voice” for me to know that I was going to like this band from Austin,  Texas. The band formed in 2007 when songwriters Christian Ward and Talia Bryce got together and began swapping songs. The added guitarist   Marc Lionetti and released their first album Middle of the Morning to critical aclaim in 2008.   This led to regular sets at the Cactus Café, Antone’s, Threadgills, the Saxon Pub, and other top venues in Austin, playing with the likes of the Austin Lounge Lizards,  Alan Munde and the Grammy Award Winning Carolina Chocolate Drops. Along the way they added   Brian Durkin on Upright Bass, Jon Kempainnen: on Fiddle and Alex Rueb on Mandolin.

When I came home I checked out No Depression and saw a nice review Here. The album was produced by the great Lloyd Maines (father of the Dixie Chicks Natalie Maines) former member of the Jerry Jeff’s Lost Gonzo Band and bandmate of Terri Hendrix. Often as I look at albums if it’s produced by Lloyd it’s a keeper!

But back to The Lost Pines and Sweet Honey. The album is composed of 14 origianal tunes half written by Christian Ward and the other by   Talia Bryce and they alternative vocals on the album and both have great voices. There band mates provide some good picking and even Lloyd adds dobro on one track! ALl I know is that my feet were a tappin’ as I went through Target! So check them out!

Ana Egge album Bad Blood is also pretty good. The album was produced by Steve Earle and recorded at Levon Helms Woodstock studio. On first listen she remind me a little of Kim Richey. I think I’ll give it a few more listens before I write about the album.

Here’s The Lost Pines with the title track of the album “Sweet Honey”

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