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Sunday Night – Six Pack!

So last night on the way to work and back I had the iPOD on random shuffle and some tunes I hadn’t heard for a while came on. Here’s the list:

“Bottle of Wine” Tom Paxton – The Best of the Vanguard Years. I picked up Tom’s career with album six apply titled Tom Paxton 6 . But I do know thes classics on this album. While this track is a live recording I like the one where he tells the story of being in France and hearing people refer to the song as a French folk song and having to learn the song in French, which he did and does on the track!

“Lullaby” – jaime michaels – The Man with the Time Machine . While this is not an old track I haven’t heard it a lot because it’s the last track on the album. But it sounded pretty good though!

“Life’s Other Side” Slaid Cleaves – Life’s Other Side. A song about being on and with someone, well, on Life’s Other Side>

“Pilgrims Land” Leon Russell – Hank Wilson Vol 4 – I love the bluegrass/country side of Leon Russell it just fits his voice so well. Hank Wilson’s Back is an all time favorite album!

“Fading Lady”  – Jerry Jeff Walker from Jerry Jeff’s Best of the Vanguard Years. This song was on Circus Maximus’ 1967 release. While I don’t have that album I’ve heard this song through the years!

“Goin’ Back – The Byrds – The Notorious Byrd Brothers – I don’t know if I ever heard this song!  Like several super popular groups I never had many Byrds albums I have the Ballad of Easy Rider (1969) album along with the untitled (1970) album and the reunion album The Byrds which is a favorite album but the original lineup Roger McGuinn, Michael Clarke, Gene Clark, David Crosby and Chris Hillman certainly have been heard after The Byrds so how did The Notorious Byrd Brothers get on the iPod oldest son Nick has all the original albums!! Lucky me!

There were a few others but I don’t know where the list is now so you caught a break!

Here are The Byrds with Goin’ Back from an appearance on The Smothers Brothers Show, so maybe I did hear this song! What this country needs is The Smothers Brothers Show!