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Blues Wednesday – Vargas Blues Band

So last week I listened to the Voirth Blues Band from Croatia and today I traveled a little west from Croatia to Spain and listened to the Vargas Blues Band and their latest release Mojo Protection Revisited, which is a revision to an album released in 2008 in Argentina under the name of MOJO PROTECTION. The album includes new songs written by Tim Mitchell and Javier, engraved with the last band, composed by Javier, Tim, Luis Mayol (bass) and Peter Kunst. (drums)

So even though Vargas has recorded fifteen studio albums with the Vargas Blues Band and three live DVD as well as several of his concerts, several collections in commemoration of his twenty years of work, and a tribute album to rock argentino, and collaborated with musicians from the likes of Carlos Santana , Glenn Hughes , Raimundo Amador , Miguel Ríos , Andrés Calamaro , Prince , Devon Allman, this album is my introduction to the band and I like them a lot!!

The tracks on the album range from straight ahead blues, to some more rock and soul flavored tracks. Some tracks remind me a little of Robert Cray and at other times his guitar reminds me of Carlos Santana with whom he has shared the stage. says:

On listening to his recordings, you will note that his music is influenced by rock, funk, blues, some flamenco and Latino music. His CDs range in style from the hard blues/rocking “Texas Tango” to the Latino flavored “Feedback”, but all of his work is blues flavored. He has played on stage with Carlos Santana. Vargas is such a gifted artist and his band is excellent. You will not be disappointed if you go to the trouble of finding and buying his recording

Here’s “Ridin’ High” from the band