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New Friend: johnsmith – Gravity of Grace

So one of the albums that I’ve been listening to over the last several days is johnsmith’s sixth album Gravity of Grace. Now johnsmith is another of those great artist unknown to me! I’ve seen his name over the last year on several charts and the album is currently number 42 on the Roots Music Report Folk Chart and once again shame on me! I really have enjoyed this album more on every listen. Great voice and great lyrics and the folks at Kerrville, Telluride, Rocky Mountain Folks, and Falcon Ridge folk festivals already know that because John has won numerous songwriting awards at those Festivals. The album was co-produced with Tom Prasada-Rao,(another artist who I’ve recently heard in the Village on XM Radio’s rotation) and was recorded in Dallas, TX, A bunch of my artists that I enjoy and have written about helped out on the album folks like: Tim O’Brien,Darrell Scott, Jonathan Byrd, and Jimmy LaFave. In addition Tom Prasada-Rao, Jagoda, Radoslav Lorkorvic, and Ray Bonneville (whose song “Run Juliene,Run” I know from Slaid Cleaves cover of the song) From his website:

The songs on Gravity of Grace find John once again stretching his songwriting wings. Expressing the harder edges of life and love, these songs span a broad spectrum of genres from folk to blues, from gospel to Celtic.

The opening track “Right Into Love” came on the other night as I was coming home from work and the lyrics evoke memories of a lost time as that “quintessential hippie pair” travel across America and fall “Right into Love”, other great tracks include the title track “Gravity of Grace”, “Father’s Day”, the bluegrassy Scotch Pine, and his nice cover of Dylan’s “The Times They are A-Changin’”.

So once again if you’ve never heard johnsmith check him out! As for me once again I have five other albums to check out!!

Here’s a track from the album “Eliza Jane” Damn I left that one out on the list up there!!

and here’s “Gravity of Grace” from a house concert in Phoenixville,Pa! Wish I knew then what I know now!!