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New Folk Favorites – 5 to 10!

So here are five more New Folk Artists that I enjoyed this year!

Louise MosrieHome – this is one of the first albums I wrote about way back in March of this year. I was blown away but it and it needs to go back in the rotation!

Joe CrookstonAble, Baker, Charlie and Dog -another March review, Crookston was always a name I heard good things about and now I know why! Great story songs!

Tim Harrison Grey County (2005) – another one of those great Canadians that stays hidden from me. He’s a great songwrtiter and I look forward to checking out some of his other work this coming year!!

Jonathan Byrd Cackalack – another name I’ve heard and listened to a little hear and there. I really enjoyed this album and like Harrison I will be exploring his music more in 2011.

John McCutcheonPassages like Byrd McCutcheon is a name I’ve heard a lot and never got around to listening to, my bad. This is a great album!!

So that rounds out ten but here’s some more – Tim Grimm listened to his new release Farm Songs and his older one Heartland liked them both a lot! and Terrence Martin’s The Last Black and White TV good stuff!

You know what I have been thinking about solo Folk Artists and forgot some groups that I love, two in particular Red Horse and Red Molly and their great album James. Another group that I haven’t written about yet but liked there album is Neptune’s Car and Strawberry Moon! One day I’ll write about that one and there are a bunch more here is the compiled list of top Albums for 2010 from the folk dj list!

Now to think about the top twangy groups!!!