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Twang – Part 1 – Blue Moon Rising!

So in the last couple of days I’ve been listening a couple of really good new albums with an older sound! First was the traditional sounding bluegrass band Blue Moon Rising and second the traditional Outlaw sounding Whitey Morgan and the 78s.

Blue Moon Rising is a four man band from Knoxville, Tennessee composed of Chris West on lead vocals and guitar, Tony Mowell, bass and vocals, Brandon Bostic mandolin, guitar and vocals, and Owen Piatt on banjo. Chris West, who’s been with the band since their beginning, writes many of the band’s songs, that have populated thier first four albums and have become fan favorites. The songs include: The Hanging Tree, Crime I’m Guilty Of, The Old Time Preacher Man, Good Time for Going Home, Revival, He Arose. All of which I have to listen to because the album I listened to Strange New World is their fifth album! From this album you can tell they have the complete package, they write great songs, the vocals full of great harmonies and the all know how to play their instruments! I first saw their name on the Folk Radio DJ list for November airplay where the album is number 63. The two top songs were “Dust Bowl” and “Living Water”. “Dust Bowl” is one of my favorites, other favorites include: “Time to Be Moving On”. “My Sittin’ Window”, “He’s All Around”, and “What a Helluva Way to Go”. So if you enjoy good bluegrass check them out at the usual places like Myspace and Facebook

Here’s one of those Chris West penned tunes “Old Time Preacher Man”

Up next after a little break, Whitey Morgan and the 78s!