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Old Man Luedecke – Proof of Love

So a while back I wrote that I had listened to Old Man Luedecke’s 2008 release Proof of Love. While I liked that banjo playing and the vocals were ok, it wasn’t what I was looking for that day! Well, after hearing a few of his songs on shuffle and liking them, I gave the album another listen last week and now I think that awarding the 2009 Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) for Roots Solo Album to him was the right thing to do!! From his website:

…., Proof of Love won the prestigious 2009 Juno Award (the Canadian Grammy) for Roots Solo album and won legions of new fans at home and abroad. The album is a gathering of musicians making music in a room (Vancouver’s famed Factory Studio) with Luedecke’s tunes. It’s nothing fancy but is an exciting and unique roots album combining OML’s trademark clawhammer style, compelling originals and full band.

Old Man Luedecke is the performing name of young man with an old soul Chris Luedecke, of Chester, Nova Scotia. There are a lot of great tracks on the album Proof of Love. duh. It won a Juno Award, Edward! My favorites include the tracks, “Ain’t Goin’ My Way”, “Wake Up Hill” , “Big Group Breakfast”, and “Johnny Gone to Soldier” but like many albums everything is good in it’s own way!

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Here’s “Big Group Breakfast” from the Full Circle Festival!