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Jonathan Byrd – Cackalack

So like I said with working two jobs and this week almost 30 hours at the second one, I’ve had little time for writing! I’ve been listening but with only an hour between jobs and getting home at after 11:30, well, you just don’t have time to think! So what have I been listening to this week, let’s see. On Monday I listened to John McCutcheon’s Passage but then you may know that, what you don’t know is that I also listen on Monday and again tonight to Jonathan Byrd’s new album Cackalack. The album is currently at 43 on the Folk DJ chart for November Airplay and is the top album on the added list on the Americana Music Chart. I have listened to some of Jonathan’s music before and have enjoyed it and this album confirms that I am a fan. Great voice and good songs. The songs that stood out for me are the opening track “Chicken Wire”, “I Was An Oak”, “Dungarees and Overalls”, maybe my favorite track “Father’s Day” because my mother is just like his father!, and the title track “Cackalack”. Overall a great listen so check him out on Myspace or Facebook

Here’s “Wild Ponies” from the album – oh yeah this one’s a favorite too!