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Folk Monday – From Owens to McTell

So this morning I reviewed the Roots Music Report and made a list of several names and gave each a quick listen and the artist that stood was Abby Owens. First I listened to several of the tracks on her recent EP Indiantown and liked what I heard and then I put her album ‘Fore the Light Comes and I loved the album by this young singer songwriter who calls Waycross, Georgia home. The album was produced by Jason Isbell and here’s what he says about Abby:

“Abby Owens is an incredible singer, an interesting and unpredictable songwriter, and a real sweetheart. You’ll love her.” – Jason Isbell

The album is a mix of Americana and folk and reminds me a lot of Kim Richey. Since I really only listened to the album once I’ll only say that I enjoyed it and will write a more detailed review later in the week!

After Abby I listened to the most recent album by one of those artists who gets lost in my collection, Jimmy LaFave! Yesterday while I was waiting for Tunes to open I listened to some tracks from LaFave’s album Texoma. One of my favorite tracks from that album is LaFave’s cover of Gretchen Peter’s song “On a Bus to St Cloud” a great song!
Today I listened Cimarron ManifestoLaFave’s 2007 release. LaFave’s voice is one of the most distinctive in folk music and I like it! Here’s a press release from LaFave’s album Trail (which is somewhere in my lost mp3 collection)

“Jimmy LaFave has one of America’s greatest voices, and this album is the story of what he has learned to do with it. It’s a unique instrument, with startling range and its own peculiar sense of gravity, liable to swoop in and wreck your expectations at any instant… He sings like one of those clear channel radio stations, cutting across the night and burrowing into parts of your heart you thought were utterly private.” –– Dave Marsh

Since I was doing things when I was listening again all I can say is that the album was vintage LaFave sound good and will be listened to again!

Taking a little break as I wrote a proposal I listened to a little jazz and the vibes of Steve Hobbs. On the way home I listened to a new album from a British Folk music legend Ralph McTell. Now I don’t have any of McTell’s albums in my collection and know his music mostly form the wonderful “Streets of London”, so I wasn’t sure whether the album that I listened to Somewhere Down the Road was a new album or a collection of older music! But the album is a newRalp collection of songs by the 65 year old McTell and he is on the top of his game on this album. The album is a great collection of well written songs with some nice acoustic guitar playing. As with the previous albums the listening was brief (what with the Eagles game tonight!) I will be listening to this album is more and will write more later in the week!

So it was a great music day starting with a new voice in the morning and ending with a familiar voice at the end with a distinctive voice in the middle, all well worth checking out I know I’ll be listening later in the week!

Here’s Jimmy LaFave with a great song from Texoma “Never is a Moment”

and here’s Ralph McTell and if you don’t know “The Streets of London” you should and here is Ralph performing it!