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Blues Wednesday – Albert Cummings

So today on Blues Wednesday I listened to an album that I had put on the mp3 player a while ago and haven’t listened to for a bit. But as soon as I heard the opening track “Working Man” I remembered how much I liked  Albert Cumming’s 2006 release Working Man. I think I came across Albert’s music on emusic where I read a review by Megan Frye of the All Music Guide. A excerpt from that review:

Often compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan for the tone and explosive improvisation style the two share, Albert Cummings’ Working Man sees the artist including more of his country music roots to the mix. Cummings played banjo for years, before he began playing the guitar in public. His understanding of bluegrass and country music shines through on the album’s sentimental closing note, “Last Dance,” and Cummings’ voice is at its finest on “Feeling End,” a song that’s blues-rock with country tones. “Party Right Here” sounds like it’s straight out of Nashville. A contemporary country song with a blues edge, from the lyrics, one can’t help associate it with Hank Williams, Jr.’s “All My Rowdy Friends.” The album’s title track is a blues version of country icon Merle Haggard’s “Workin’ Man Blues,” a song that was a number one single for Haggard in 1969.

And from Albert’s website:

Working Man (Blind Pig), Albert’s summer of 2006 blockbuster release, is the culmination to date of a guitar hero’s career just taking off. A punchy, stomping cover of Merle Haggard’s blue collar standard ‘Working Man Blues’ brings it all home for the master builder and musician. The swinging Texas blues of ‘Please,’ the instant barroom boogie classic ‘Party Right Here,’ the snaky slow drag ‘Rumors’ and the rousing rocker ‘Feeling End’ show variety well beyond the typical slow blues and shuffles of so much contemporary music. The deeply emotive ballad ‘Last Dance’ that closes the disc is so evocative that a Hollywood movie could be written around it.

Anyway what they say is true – Albert’s guitar work is great and so is his voice. I know “Party Right Here” stood out to me today when I was listening! But everything sounded good! I didn’t get a chance to transfer it to the mp3 player but I think I will so I can listen some more.

His bio said he was following in his Dad in the building trade until he turned 27 and then started his musical career! In 2003 he released his first album From the Heart (Under the Radar) produced by Stevie Ray Vaughan’s rhythm section bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris Layton   who also played on the album. His second album this one on Blind Pig Records was released in 2004 True To Yourself again Cummings teamed up with Shannon and Layton. Which brings us to the 2006 release Working Man and eagerly awaiting his next release! Again from his website some press:

“He is a gifted songwriter, a passionate vocalist and a ferocious guitarist who can gently pull on your heart strings with a sensitive ballad, but then ignite in explosive fury like an inbound meteor on a Texas blues/rock tune.”
– Blues Rocker

Anyway if you’re a fan of good blues rock ala Stevie Ray check out Albert Cummings! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Here’s Albert doing “Working Man”