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Blues Wednesday – Big Daddy “O” and Eddie Turner

So today I really didn’t get a chance to listen to any music. As a matter of fact my headphones were still in my bookbag until a few minutes ago. Anyone I started listening to two albums that seemed pretty good on the first brief listen. The first name I saw on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart was Big Daddy “O” and his new album Used Bluesbu when I went to Rhapsody the new album was no available so I listened to his third album What You Gotta Go Through. Seems that Big Daddy has been playing bars and roadhouses near the Mississippi/ Lousiana border and only recently been putting out albums with his new one being his fourth. Here’s quote about that album from his website:

Owen “Big Daddy O” Tufts ranks among the most underrated and underappreciated blues artists in south Louisiana. He has crafted a succession of unpretentious, extremely listenable excursions in both acoustic and electric formats. His latest finds his inviting voice couched in sympathetic arrangements built with organs, saxophones, guitars and drums. The sly “Better Off With the Blues” is indicative of his understated approach. So,too, his swinging cover of “Johnny B. Goode.”

From the first listen What You Gotta Go Through is a folksy blues album. The song I’m listening to right now “Attitude” is a really nice track! I know I’m going to be listening to it tomorrow and write more later!

The second album is a more conventional blues album from Eddie Turner and is his recent release Miracles and DemonsHere’s what it says about his guitar work at his website:

“Otherworldly”, “scorching”, “polyrhythmic” and “chilling” have all been used to describe Eddie Turner’s guitar playing. His ethereal style is an amalgam of the Afro-Cuban rhythms of his heritage and the music that influenced him as a teenager: Chicago blues, jazz, r&b and psychedelic rock. The Cuban-born singer/guitarist cut his teeth in several rock bands contributing what Slate magazine describes as “spacey-yet-resounding solos.”

Again my listening today was limited but from the few tracks I heard the album sounded pretty damn good! So I will put it on the player and listen to it tomorrow along with Big Daddy “O”.

Here’s a song from Eddie Turner

and Here’s Big Daddy “O” Who should I listen to first!