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New Friend – Tim Hus – Canadiana Cowboy Music

So several of my favorite musicians hail from north of the border folks like Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, James Keelaghan and recently I added John Wort Hannum to my collection well today I added another. I was checking out the FAR Chart and I saw  several names picked out three and cued them up in Rhapsody. It didn’t take long to find one that I liked. The first artist was Tim Hus his new album is Hockeytown but on Rhapsody it was only for purchase so you can only listen to 30 second clips. They did have other albums though so I loaded up another of his releases Huskies & Husqvarnas and I’ve listened to it several times and it was the soundtrack for my four mile run today! Anyway I loved the album, it’s just the type of album I love! The songs are filled with that sense of place and in the case of Hus’ music the place is Canada. The tracks include songs about:  hauling beer across Canada “Beer Hauler”, selling the farm “So Long Saskatchewan”, touring and playing music across Canada “Great Plains Tour”, mining “Flin Flon” and just all of the tracks are great! Here’s what his website says about the Alberta based singer:

Tim Hus has a voice sweeter than a Husqvarna chainsaw, a wit that is sharper than rusty barbed wire, and a list of songs longer than a Saskatchewan fence line! Following his acclaimed CD Bush Pilot Buckaroo comes the highly anticipated fifth album (his 2nd for Stony Plain Records) Hockeytown joining Corb Lund and the legendary Ian Tyson on the label. Hus comes at his audience like a runaway rig, while firing off image-laden lyrics with the intensity of a western gunslinger.

Tim tours and performs concerts with his band Tim Hus & The Rocky Mountain Two, featuring Peterbilt Pete Christian on lead guitar and Riley Tubbs on upright string bass. Here’s some more on the album I listened to from the website:

Huskies & Husqvarnas is the third studio CD by country/roots songwriter Tim Hus. The album showcases some of Canada’s finest western musicians: Myran Szott on fiddle (Ian Tyson), Craig Korth on banjo, dobro, guitar (Jerusalem Ridge), and Charlie Hase on peddle steel (Gary Fjellgaard) as well as a guest vocal performance by CCMA and Juno award winning Corb Lund.

Like I said I really really liked the album and after listening to it I went and bought Hockeytown! I only listened to it briefly but now I can’t wait to listen to the other albums Songs of Western Canada (2002), Alberta Crude (2004) and Bush Pilot Buckaroo (2008). So check him out!

Here’s Tim with “Hurtin’ Albertan” which is on the album.