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Red Horse – Gorka, Gilkyson, and Kaplansky

So I finally got a chance to listen to the new project of three artists whose music I enjoy. Red Horse the self titled album that combines the talents of three great songwriters John Gorka, Eliza Gilkyson, and Lucy Kapansky. I’ve been a Gorka fan since I first heard “I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair” on a compilation album put out by Windham Hill in 1989 titled Legacy: A Collection of New Folk Music. That CD also introduced me to Pierce Pettis, Cliff Eberhardt, David Massengill, Sara Hickman and Bill Morrissey. Of the six artist Gorka and Morrissey are my favorites. The Morrissey song on that album “Handsome Molly” is an all time favorite. As for  Gilkyson and Kaplansky I have one Gilkyson album in my collection but no Kaplansky, but on the radio and Rhapsody I’ve enjoyed their music.

Here’s what the Amazon review says about the album:

Red Horse’s sparse instrumentation allows these three distinctive voices to carry the magic of the music that is awash in great harmonies and songwriting. Each of these legendary singer/songwriters solos on classics first made famous by the other two members. Lucy gives a haunting performance of Eliza’s “Sanctuary,” John takes the lead on Lucy’s “Don’t Mind Me” while Eliza performs John’s “Forget to Breathe” which has never been released on Red House before. Red Horse showcases new material from all three, covers they have never before recorded as well as revisiting and rearranging a couple of early classics.

I’ve only listened to the CD a couple of times but I did enjoy the album. The three voices go well together. The songs where Gorka sings the lead are the ones that caught my attention on each listen. They are Stuart McGregor’s “Cashieville” and then the aforementioned “Don’t Mind Me” by Lucy Kaplansky. Gorka also debuts a great song “If These Walls Could Talk”. The trio harmonizes well on a cover of Neil Young’s “I Am A Child” and Lucy does great covers of Eliza’s “Sanctuary”  and “Walk Away From Love”. Oh here I go again all the tracks are good so go listen and see for yourself and then go check out each of the artists albums and you’ll have a great time!

Here’s Eliza performing “Emerald Street” with John Gorka helping out!