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Folk Monday – Reconnecting with Erica Wheeler

Ok so first a me thing – this week this blog will be very sparse – I am substituting for one of our inspectors on a soils project. I will be out observing stone column installations from 7 Am to 5 PM with little chance to listen to new music during the day except on the trip to an from. So my posts will be minimal!

Anyway the other day, I thought I would catch up on an artist Erica Wheeler whose album The Harvest I picked up several years ago and loved the songs. The album was full of songs with strong characters and a strong sense of place. Like many albums it got put away on a shelf and listened to occasionally, but each time I hear the songs I tell myself I should listen to this more often!” So like I said the other day I downloaded another Erica Wheeler album. This one was here most recent release, her 2007 album Good Summer Rain. What I found was another great album with songs about real people and places and again that strong sense of place that is found in her music. Having only listened once or twice I don’t know no the songs real well but I do know I liked what I heard!

I’ve said before that this blog is about discovery. My goal is tell readers about the  music and musician that I like and they may discover some that they like them, too. Along the way I’m discovering new artists and things about artists that I didn’t know, such is the case with Erica Wheeler when I visited her website tonight researching this post I found that Erica has tied her first passion wildlife biology to her music and created The Soulful Landscape Programs in hopes of restoring the connection between people and place.

I really just discovered the webpage and The Soulful Landscape Program so I can’t tell you much beyond check it out along with her music which is what I’m going to do!

Here is a video Erica’s brother made using photos taken by their Dad on those trips down Maryland county roads. Her song is the soundtrack