FreeWheelin' Music Safari

Friday Night – Music by Randall, Nemeth, Bedford – Words by Bob Morris

I spent most of tonight reading and waiting for the computer to re-start after freezing. I was reading Baja Florida by Bob Morris – which is a typical Morris book and like normal it’s good! I am also reading Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay but didn’t read that tonight though!

So while I was reading I gave a quick listen to some music that included Elliot Randall and the Deadmen and their CD Caffeine and Gasoline. The title track was great and then the album slowed down and I think it’s one that will require a few listens before I decide how I feel about the album.

I also listened to a few tracks of an artist that I mentioned last night John Nemeth I listened to tracks off of his debut CD The Jack of Harps. Not quite my type of blues but I will give it a few more listens.

The album that I liked the most on the first listen was Ben Bedford’s album Land of Shadows. Several nice tracks on this folk album. A couple songs about mines and any song with the title “Mother Jones on the Line” is a good one in my book! Definitely an album that will be listened to tomorrow.

I am still listening to the last album of the night Late Last Night by Robby Hecht. A little while ago, Boston songwriter Chris O’Brien, who I saw this winter at the Tin Angel with Ellis Paul posted on Facebook, that he had finished 3rd in the Telluride Songwriting Contest, way to go Chris! He also said he wasn’t upset because his friend Robby Hecht had won the competition. So I went to Rhapsody and am listening to Robby’s album now and it is very good, but like all the albums it will require a more detailed listen. At least listening without writing!!

So all and all it was a good night I got some reading done and a few albums to listen to tomorrow and I’ll write more about my favorites!

Here’s Elliot Randall and the Deadmen with “Caffeine and Gasoline”