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Blues Wednesday – Mixed Bag – Cowan, Johnson, Popa!

I know it’s Blues Wednesday but it didn’t start out that way! I really didn’t get a chance to look for any blues this morning so I ended up listening to what was already on the player. One album that caught my attention was John Cowan’s album  8,745 Feet: Live at Telluride so that was the album I listened to first. The album shows Cowan’s voice at his best and includes  songs from his solo albums and a few from his New Grass Revival Days.  Tracks include: “Mississippi Delta Time”, “High Above the Powerlines”,”Let’s Make A Baby King”, “Road To Silverton” and the song I mentioned earlier today the beautiful “Dark As A Dungeon” It was a good listen! You cand read a complete review at the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME)

Next I still didn’t listen to any blues! I listened to some Native American and Mayan music on the album Crossroads by Robert Tree Cody and  Xavier Quijas Yxayotl From

Crossroads is a meeting across the southern border with Robert Tree Cody, a Native flute player of the Dakota and Maricopa tribes, and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, born in Guadalajara and reputedly of the Huichol tribe of Mexico’s indigenous people. He specializes in pre-Colombian instruments, including Aztec and Mayan flutes. Their cultures and instruments are close relatives and the two find a common ground in slow and midtempo acoustic trance grooves ornamented by an array of little percussion instruments, including rattles, rainsticks, rasps, and drums. These form the atmospheres for their simple flute melodies and chants. Extreme stereo panning amplifies rhythmic counterpoints over the native “one beat,” especially in the cross rhythms of “Procession of the Jaguar King.” –John Diliberto

You can check out the album here! It’s a really great album with some interesting music. While I have more R. Carlos Nakai I do have a couple Robert Tree Cody albums and enjoy his playing!

Near the end of the day I did get around to listening to  some blues,  Jimmy Johnson’s 2002 release Livin’ the Life. I downloaded this album months and months ago and it has been on a small Creative Zen V that I seldom used it recently. I'[ve been using  it because it connects to Rhapsody at home! Anyway this album is pretty good Johnson’s vocals are good and the some of the guitar is outstanding! Tracks include “Drowning on Dry Land”, a good versions of  “The Sky is Crying”,and “Born Under a Bad Sign”. Overall all ten tracks are pretty good and the album will be listened to some more!

Finally at the end of the day I did find some new blues and attempted to put Popa Chubby’s new album The Fight is On on the player but I was only able to download six tracks and listened only to a couple. What I did hear I liked and will write more when I listen more. I wasn’t able to listen tonight because we went to get fitted for tuxedos for my son Peter’s wedding next month! Then I watched the Flyers lose! So I will have Blues Thursday and listen to Popa Chubby.

Here’s the title track “The Fight Is On”