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Friday’s Run and Live Greg Trooper


Greg Trooper – Between a House and a Hard Place

So tonight when I started my run I had the mp3 player on random and recently added but it shut off after the first song and when it restarted it was not on random but rather on Greg Trooper’s album Between a House and a Hard Place that I downloaded this morning. Now  Greg Trooper is one of those artists that float around the periphery of my musical listening. I enjoy his music and have a few of his albums Popular Demons his first release and Straight Down Rain which was actually my introduction to his music. I think Trooper’s music fits into the Americana genre. It’s  little more rocking then straight folk but not a lot of twang!

Here’s a quote about his music:

Greg Trooper has for years been regarded as one of the most accomplished songwriters in Nashville. His 1998 album, “Popular Demons,” is considered by many to be one of the defining albums of the Americana movement… from the Chicago Sun Times

Anyway like I said I have the two  CDs I mentioned, and his latest release The Williamsburg Tapes . When his music comes up on a random shuffle I like it!

So today when I was checking out emusic and I saw that they just added a live recording from 2000 Between a House and a Hard Place Live from Pine Hill Farm and I could get all 17 tracks for 12 downloads I couldn’t pass it up and I’m glad I didn’t! The album was recorded in 2000  from his website:

“Between a House and a Hard Place” was recorded in June of 2000 at Pine Hill Farm in Durham NC. Greg is joined by Michael McAdam (from the criminally overlooked Good Humor Band out of Richmond VA) on electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin and harmony vocals. And, as if bringing together a great songwriter with a deadly sideman isn’t enough, the CD was produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel who’s producing credit’s include: Whiskeytown, Freedy Johnston, The Bottlerockets, and Backsliders (…and that guy, what’s his name? Oh ya, Ryan Adams). Seventeen tracks of the real deal – three of them new. Git ‘cha one…NOW! – MR

In a review of his live album ‘Between A House And A Hard Place’, music critic Barry Mazor said that Trooper “sings with a clarity of purpose and a variety of effect that few in the acoustic world match.”

Because it was 2000 several of the tracks common from Popular Demons and the album Everywhere (which I don’t have but after hearing some of the songs from the album I will be getting) including favorites “22 miles to Bristol” and “Halfway”. Other standout songs for me include: “Biologically Blue”, “Take the Gun Out if Your Mouth”, “So French” , “Another Shitty Saturday Night”, a cover of Warren Zevon’s “Carmelita” and the song that I really loved “Everywhere” that Trooper co-wrote with Sid Griffin.  The recording captures the live feel of the show with some good banter between Trooper and the audience!

Oh and Trooper is also a native of New Jersey having grown up in Little Silver. So if you never heard his music check him out and like I said I’m checking out Everywhere and some of his current releases:

Greg Trooper the BackShop Live (2006)

Make It Through This World (2005)

Floating (2003)

So I am glad that the player switched off and I got to listen to this album because I was sucking wind during the run but at least the music was good!

Here’s one of my favorite songs by Greg Trooper from Straight Down Rain “Damaged Eyes