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Folk Monday – Some brief listens!

Ok so over this four day weekend it has been very frustrating – see my main computer is Windows Vista and it does not recognize my mp3 player as a Sansa View. It will connect as a mass storage device but as a mass storage device you can not transfer music from Rhapsody. Usually my Sansa will connect to our other computer which is XP but this weekend it would not so I was not able to transfer any music and was not able to sit at the computer and listen to whole albums!  So I made a list from the Roots Music Chart of some names that were new to me and gave them brief listens to see if they appealed to me at all! First up was Ginny Hawker and her album After It’s Gone . I listened to the first two songs and felt that the music just wasn’t me. Second up was Rita Hosking and her album Come Sunrise music sounded pretty good some nice fiddle and dobro on the title track and the vocals were nice – this is one that I will come back and listen to more closely. Album three was The Conjurer by Dana Cooper – another one that sounds pretty good I like the vocals, music good nice harp – lyrics sound good another one that will get an extended listen. Album four is I Speak Because I Can by Laura Marling sounds a little different not really me but maybe, but not likely. The final album was Made of Stars by Sally Spring. This one is in the middle too. Seems a little slow for me but her voice sounds pretty good another maybe but maybe more yes than no.

So tomorrow I think I’ll put both Rita Hosking and Dana Cooper’s albums on the player and let you know what I think!

One thing I did do this weekend was finish The Bone Thief and I started and am probably 2/3 of the way through another book Jericho’s Fall by Stephen L. Carter. This is the first book by Carter that I have read and while there was one point at which I did not like the writing overall it has been a good read and the pages have been flying by! Now It’s time to get back to that book and see if the Flyers can score two goals to tie this game up! They got 1!

Here’s a video from Dana Cooper “Enough” the opening track on The Conjurer”