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Americana Favorite – Chris Knight

When I started this blog one of my goals was to introduce readers to some of the artists that I listen to and don’t think a lot of folks know about! One of those artist is Chris Knight! I have been a fan since I heard the opening track ” It Ain’t Easy Being Me” on his self-titled debut album. A couple of years ago on a trip to Virginia to visit colleges I put the song on as we drove along and my wife heard the lyrics:

Why do I do the things I do?
Was I born this way or am I a self made fool,
I shoot the lights and I curse the dark,
I need your love but I break your heart,and I know the words that will bring you back,
but I don’t say nothing as I watch you pack,
I had to work to be the jerk I’ve come to be,
It ain’t easy being me

She turned and said I really don’t believe you let me hear that! Anyway from that first song and chorus I’ve been a fan!  Through twelve years and seven albums, I’ve heard the songs about common folks who don’t exactly live on the same side of the tracks that I’ve been fortunate enough to live on. Knight writes songs about murder “Becky’s Bible” and child abuse “William”, spousal abuse “Danville”. Yes, the folks are rough and the times are tough in Knight’s songs and sometimes when things get too tough maybe they ask the Lord to “Send a Boat”

Someone’ crying in the hall,
Good Lord help us all,
While we try to stay afloat
If you could lord, send a boat

Anyway the songs are real the music’s good and you can check out any one of these great albums at Amazon.

Chris Knight (1998)
A Pretty Good Guy (2001)
The Jealous Kind (2003)
Enough Rope (2006)
Trailer Tapes I (2007)
Heart of Stone ( 2008)
Trailer Tapes II (2009)

Probably Chris Knight and A Pretty Good Guy are my favorites, but I listened to Heart of Stone this morning and that’s darn good, too. So check out any of them!

Here’s “Heart of Stone” the title track from Heart of Stone