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Twang Friday – Trampled by Turtles – Oh My!

ok so, I didn’t write anything on Twang Tuesday so I checked the Americana Charts today for anything new and there at the bottom of the chart was a band I had never heard of Trampled by Turtles and their new CD Palomino. So I went over to Rhapsody and they had the album so I put it in the mp3  player and listened this morning and then again on my four mile run this evening and I have some new friends! These guys really have produced a great album(It debut at #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts!) and they can flat out bring it! The new CD clocks in at just under 37:00 minutes, I know because it finished just before my run ended, but it is a nice mix of fast and slow songs which I was thankful for during my run because I know I could not keep up their upbeat pace throughout the whole run!! From their website here’s what they say about their music:

For those who are simply fans of music, not bound by rules or forms, Trampled by Turtles take pieces of it all and just play from the heart. Call it alt-bluegrass, nontraditional string, indie-folk, rock-grass, punk-grass or anything else, they don’t care what name you put on it, just show up with an open mind and it won’t be long until you fall under their spell. Like all of us, where they were raised has influenced what they are and these guys didn’t grow up in southern roots country, they come from way up north where folks do it a little different. When was the last time you saw crowd surfing brought on by an acoustic string band without any drums?

Trampled by Turtles hails from Duluth Minnesota and  is composed of:
Dave Simonett ~ vocals, guitar
Tim Saxhaug ~ bass, vocals
Dave Carroll ~ banjo, vocals
Erik Berry ~ mandolin, vocals
Ryan Young ~ fiddle

Sorry Dave,Tim,Dave and Erik but what really stood out on the first listen through this album was Ryan’s fiddle playing! On the second and third listens I appreciated some of the ballads like “Bloodshot Eyes” Other favorites include “It’s a War”, “New Son/Burnt Iron” which starts slowly and then turns into a blistering number with some great banjo picking and fiddling!,”Help You” and then “Feet and Bones” and the instrumental “Sounds Like a Movie” both with some great fiddle! Oh hell, once again I like everything in its’ own way!

Palomino is the is the bands fifth release since their debut album in 2004 Songs from a Ghost Town, which was recorded in an old Catholic church in Duluth. 2005’s Blue Sky and the Devil was also recorded in Duluth, and in 2006 they released their first live album, Live at Luce. In 2007 they released Trouble followed in 2008 by Duluth. So if you’ve never heard them check them out! As for me I got five other albums to check out!!

The funny thing is today is the first day I listened to these guys and after my run I sat down to write this an I had an email that said Trampled by Turtles is now following you on Twitter!! Hope you guys like this cause I am now a fan!

Here’s a video of “Wait So Long”