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Great American Taxi – Reckless Habits

Reckless Habits - Great American Taxi


Ok so, on Monday as usual I checked the Americana Chart and the Folk DJ Chart. On the Americana Chart I saw an interesting name at No 12 Great American Taxi and their new CD Reckless Habits. One listen to  Reckless Habits and I found a new Jam band that I love!! From the first song “One of These Days”, which took me on a trip down to New Orleans, I liked this band. Here’s a description of their music from their website:

Their uninhibited sound is a swinging concoction of swampy blues, progressive bluegrass, funky New Orleans strut, Southern boogie, honky tonk country, gospel, and good ol’ fashioned rock ’n’ roll. Great American Taxi was born when singer, guitarist, and mandolin player Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon joined keyboard player and singer Chad Staehly for a superstar jam to benefit the Rainforest Action Group in Boulder, in March of 2005. “We put together a dream band of the best local musicians for a one-off gig,” Herman recalls. “It worked so well we had to do it again, and again, and again.” Great American Taxi quickly evolved into one of the best country-, rock-, and bluegrass- influenced jam bands in the land, masterfully blending acoustic and electric instruments into music they call “Americana Without Borders.”

Band Members include:

Vince Herman – guitars and vocals

Jim Lewin – guitars and vocals

Chad Staehly – keyboards and vocals

Chris Sheldon – drums and vocals

Brian Adams – bass guitar

All the songs on this album are great in their own way. The two ballads “New Madrid” and “Cold Lonely Town” are my least favorites. But all the others are top self. The title track “Restless Hearts” is an ode to Gram Parsons and uses the titles of many of Parson’s songs in the lyrics. It’s fun to try to get them all!  I know I can’t but my son Nick probably can! As for other top tracks I can just list them all but I really like “Tough Job” and “Fuzzy Little Hippie Girl” and the closing song “Good Night to Boogie”! You can read a more detailed description of the tracks on the About page on  their website. Again from the website – (I think the band they are most like is New Riders)

Great American Taxi has been equated with roots rockers like the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Grateful Dead, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, The Byrds, and Little Feat. Herman finds the comparisons flattering. “We’re definitely connected to all the acts in the country/rock spectrum, as well as the spirit of Gram Parsons and Woody Guthrie,” he says. “We want to address the issues appropriate to our times, while making music that gets people up and moving.”

All I know is that I love the music and Reckless Habits is going to stay on my mp3 player for a long time and I know I am going to be checking for some Live performances!!

Like this – a performance of “Fuzzy Little Hippie Girl” Enjoy!

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    This album made it to the billboard top albums of 2009, definitely worth mentioning.

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