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Sunday Stuff – Part 1 – Mary Youngblood

So one of the other types of music that I listen to at work when background music without lyrics is needed or at times of stress is American Native Flute. My favorite artist is R. Carlos Nakai. I also listen to Robert Tree Cody and Douglas Spotted Eagle. One artist who I have listened to a little is Mary Youngblood , but the other day I downloaded onto the mp3 player her 2002 release Beneath the Raven Moon and I have a new Native American flutist to listen to! Here’s what her website says about the album which one a Grammy in 2003

Beneath the Raven Moon ~ is poetry of the heart flowing forth from the Native American flute as only Mary Youngblood can play it. This superb collection of songs showcases her award winning talents in adventurous new settings from blues to classical, all the while treating us to the beautiful heartfelt melodies for which she is known and loved. Additionally, this album showcases Youngblood’s strong voice harmonizing along with her many flutes. The title of each track on the CD is a line from a poem written by Youngblood giving this album a poetic concept album.
(Grammy Award Winner)

I will have to go back and look at the track titles to read the poem! Mary is a two time Grammy and Emmy Award winner and is the FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN to have received a Grammy Award for “Best Native American Music Album”. Additionally, she is the first Native American PERSON to have won two Grammy’s which makes  her an extra special American Musician!

I only had a chance to list to the first several tracks this morning but what I heard was great and I’ll probably listen to the rest later today and I know over the next several months I will become more familiar with her other albums which include:

Sacred Place 2008

Dance With The Wind 2006 – Grammy Winner 2007

Feed of Fire 2004- Grammy Nominee

Heart of the Wind 1999

The Offering 1998 Flutist of the Year

You can read about the above albums here. So if you’ve never listened to Native American Flute check out Mary’s work or any of the  others I’ve mentioned it is great music!