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Blues Wednesday Mix!

So usually on Blues Wednesday I find one artist or album and listen to it enough write a  review but today I don’t think I listened to CDs enough to know how I really feel about them! I started the day by checking Billboard’s Blues Chart and the name that jumped out was Seasick Steve (Steven Gene Wold) and his album Man From Another Time. Wold plays acoustic blues on a variety of homemade instruments and the result is well different and I think it’s going to take several listens until I know how I feel about the album in total. I did like the instrumentation on the album. Wikipedia says that three of the instruments that he plays are the: “Three-Stringed Trance Wonder”, This is a normal guitar that resembles a Fender Coronado, but with only three strings One-Stringed Diddley Bow” This is a one stringed string instrument played with a slide (He uses an old screwdriver for this purpose). It consists of a 2 foot long 2×4, with a semi-loose piece of broom wire nailed to it at both ends. It was made especially for him by James ‘Super Chikan’ Johnson. The Mississippi Drun Machine (MDM)  A small wooden box that is stomped upon, providing percussion. It is decorated with a Mississippi motorcycle license plate (“MC33583”), and a small piece of carpet. Here He is playing the diddley bow! So like I said this CD is gonna take some getting used to – I’ll let you know later what I think! So after listening to Seasick Steve, I said that I need some blues that I know! So I checked out the mp3 player and there near the bottom of the artist list sat a favorite Walter Trout and his album Unspoiled by Progress – 20 Years of Hardcore Blues. And I’ve been a fan for the last 3-4 years of those twenty, sure wish I had found him sooner! Anyway Trout is a great guitarist and I like his vocals, too so it’s a good listen all around!! I listened to the first three tracks “They Call Us The Working Class”, “Goin’ Down” and “Life in the Jungle” all great tracks!

After that I listened briefly to some Robben Ford, who is a great blues guitarist who blends blues and jazz together with a nice result! Now if you ask me what tracks, from what albums, I don’t think I could tell you! But they were good!

I ended the day with Eric Bibb’s new CD Booker’s Guitar. Now Eric Bibb is another of those artists who I never got around to listening to – (too much music, too little time!) I don’t listen to a lot of acoustic blues but usually what I listen to I like, i.e. Brownie McGee and Sonny Terry, Mississippi John Hurt and one of my favorite Bill Morrissey’s album’s is Songs of Mississippi John  Hurt! So why I have no Eric Bibb in my library I don’t know. I really like this album and will be listening to it some more and then I will report!

So it was a strange blues day, but enjoyable and I have some more listening to do of both Seasick Steve and Eric Bibb!