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Blues Wednesday – Eugene Hideaway Bridges

So tonight I am listening to an album that I downloaded a while back but I like the tracks more each time I hear them. The album is Live in San Antonio Special Edition by Eugene Hideaway Bridges. Right now the track ” I Know You Love Me” just finished and that was a great one, one that features the whole band and that would include: Bass Eric King,  Drums Bobby Baranowski, Keyboards & Organ David Webb, (who stands out on several tracks), Tenor Sax Seth Kibel and Trumpet Justine Miller.

From the opening track  “I Got the Blues” this album works for me Bridges vocals are just bluesy and soulful enough, the band is tight the organ and horns compliment Bridges great guitar playing just right to create a lively blues and soul album.  “Bluesman” just finished and it is a stand out track. “Jump the Joint” is now playing and it is a jumping track!!

Eugene was born in Louisiana and is the son of blues guitarist Hideaway Slim  by sixteen he was in the Air Force and later lived in Europe. You can read his full bio at Armadillo Music.

So all in all this is a great album and Eugene Hideaway Bridges is a new favorite he kinda reminds me of B.B. King and in fact his bio says he was discovered by B.B. King bass player Big Joe Turner and he was a member of his band for a while. I enjoy his vocals, his guitar playing and his band oin this album!

Here’s a video of him performing “I Woke Up This Morning” Enjoy! As for me I’m heading over to the couch going to read some of Linwood Barclay’s Fear the Worst and probably fall asleep and tomorrow  I just may look up Bridges other albums!