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Thursday – Mixed Bag

So Thursday’s eclectic mix started with three CDs I picked up at the Dollar Tree the other night. First up was a self-titled album Tribaljazz from a band that I had never heard of,  but the sticker on the cover said it was John Densmore’s (drummer of The Doors) band so, aside from the price, that was good enough reason for me to pick it up. The band is a great eclectic jazz band lead by John Densmore on drums and Art Ellis on flute and the rest of the band is composed of musicians from around the world. John Densmore from the liner notes:

“There are many villages represented on this CD, as well as in this group of musicians, NYC is one, the streets of Senegal is another. Both genders are present here, and several shades of color – white, black, brown and hopefully, every hue in between. Can all these villages live together, in peace, as one community? We hope that the feeling you get from listening is of a global village that tolerates- in fact celebrates, the diversity and extraordinary range of cultures on planet Earth”

Right now I am listening to the CD and I am more impressed than when I was listening to it this morning. Just heard two of the best tracks “Skytrails” which opens the CD with Art Ellis’ great flute playing and “Blues for Bali” which highlights Quinn Johnson on piano. But this track “LA Tormenta” is pretty good, too. There’s even a cover of The Doors’ “Riders on the Storm” . I know that this will be a frequent play at work when I need good music without lyrics at work!

The next CD was Tift Merritt’s 2008 release Another Country. Tift is a Americana singer songwriter and on first listen I found this album ok. But here’s a review from Blogcritics. After reading that review,  I am listening to the album again and appreciating it more! I think it deserves some more listens.

The third album was Phish’s 2002 studio album Round Room. I don’t care for studio Phish enough said. Maybe it will get another listen. But I think I payed $3.00 for two good albums!

Next, I switched genre’s and listened to Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges CD Live in  San Antonio. The more I listen to this CD the more I like it – Bridges is an outstanding  guitar player with a good blues voice and a strong band. A couple of highlight tracks “Real Heroes”. “Won’t be Your Fool” and “I Know you Love Me” which features nice solos from other band members. This is another CD that will have repeated listens over the next few weeks!

The listening and workday end with two folkies David Wilcox’s Open Hand which has some good tracks my favorite being “Modern World”


The final CD I listened to was Arlon Bennett’s CD Summer’s Voice I didn’t get to listen to the whole CD didn’t even make it to the title track, but I did hear some of my favorite tracks like “Bandanna Man”, “Red Light Kiss”, “Just Like Us” and you’ll have to listen that song  to know why it means something to a 58 year old who has been married for 35 years! Included in my listening to Arlon Benntt is a song that I think should be required listening in schools! You know there’s required reading, so “Be the Change” should be required listening!


All in all it was a good day (like everyday) in music!

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