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A Night of Blues leads to a baker’s dozen playlist with Marc Benno, Sonny Terry and Walter Trout

crawlin2So last night I was browsing through a list of new folk releases on Dirty Linen Magazine and one title jumped out  Crawlin’ – by Marc Benno and the Nightcrawlers featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan. Well, some of you oldsters may remember a duo called Asylum Choir, who put out a couple of albums in the 70’s. The duo was Marc Benno and Leon Russell. I haven’t listened to that album in forever, but will listen tonight  and report back. Anyway, I went to ( a site I dearly love) and found the Marc Benno album and downloaded five tracks and listened this morning, pretty good and I will report with my comments on Asylum Choir.

After listening to Marc Benno and Stevie Ray, it became a blues day and I listened to the tracks I downloaded from Sonny Terry‘s  album “Doggin’ My Heart Around”. Sonny Terry was a blind harmonica player noted for his Whoopin’ the Blues ( a track I also downloaded). He made a number of recordings with Brownie Magee and their version of “Down by the Riverside” is a favorite.  So generally, the tracks from this album were great and the previously mentioned “Whoopin’  the Blues” was a stand out.

Finally, I listened to a bluesman who has been around for a while but I just discovered a few years ago, Walter Trout. Walter is a fantastic blues guitarist, who I think ranks right up there with Stevie Ray, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Moore and others. I enjoy his playing and his vocals. I first picked up tracks from  his albums Relentless, Full Circle, The Outsider and then bought Deep  Trout all great. His new CD is titled Unspoiled by Progress and is another strong effort. So check out the youtube videos or the tracks and be ready to become a fan!

Here’s a bakers dozen of the tunes that I listened to……